Production Supervisor

Monterrey Permanente MXN30,000 - MXN50,000
  • Responsible for the arrangement of the production plan in the sewing area
  • Responsible for the management of people, preventing or solving problems

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Leading global automotive company, with experience on interior, exterior, cockpit electronics, safety, and is exploring new business actively.


* Responsible for the arrangement of the production plan and the management of the production site, according to production instructions to ensure that production tasks are completed on time.
* Responsible to ensure that the production site complies with the company's and the factory's safety, quality, operating specifications and other relevant regulations.
* Summarize production records and documents, feedback production status in a timely manner, and propose and implement plans to improve production efficiency.
* Responsible for preventing or solving abnormal situations that occur during the production process, to ensure continuous and efficient production of high-quality products, and use relevant tools to continuously improve production efficiency and reduce production costs.
* Responsible for the management, training and performance evaluation of production line operators to ensure that employees meet the requirements of their respective production positions and can perform their jobs, by using their own advantages (best fit of employees to positions).
* Use continuous improvement tools to improve production efficiency and reduce production costs.

Perfil buscado (Hombre / Mujer)

  • Experience in automotive components industry for minimum 5 years
  • Excellent ability of problem analyzing and solving
  • Good management of people
  • Advanced English is required
  • Experience in sewing area

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Mariana Jimenez
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Ingeniería y manufactura
Sub Sector
Automatización / Mecatrónica / Robótica
Industrial / Manufacturing
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Nombre del consultor
Mariana Jimenez
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